What is polychord?

A musical instrument and a song writing tool, polychord is a fun way to explore music on your iPad. While bands have already discovered that polychord makes a great addition to any studio, it's also suited to those who have little or no experience making music. If you're a filmmaker or video game designer, now you can compose your own beautiful music. And it's a great way for kids to build song-writing confidence, even if they lack the dexterity and coordination of seasoned pros. And speaking of professionals: although polychord is easy to use, there are a ton of powerful features underneath the clean and simple UI.

Chords made easy

Polychord gives you instant access to a lot chords. By wrapping the different types of chords around each circle, we were able to fit a lot into a small space, while keeping them big enough to press easily. This gives you easy access to over 60 chords at any time!

Auto Accompany

Turn on Auto Accompany, press any chord, and the drums and bass will play along in tune --there's also an arpeggiator which dynamically plays the notes of the selected chord. Switch to a different chord and they'll follow you. Beginners can button-mash their way to a song, while more seasoned song-writing pros will find that polychord is a great way to break out of a rut.

Picking & Strumming

This is what truly sets polychord apart. Have you tried to play a piano keyboard on a small touchscreen? It's not ideal. Polychord's strum keys change automatically with the chords, so it doesn't have to make room for keys you don't need. They're incredibly fast and responsive, so you can slide up and down the keys with many fingers at one time.

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Extended bit-shift controls for drums